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Wedding Cake by Jeanina Marie Treats


Wedding Cake

Classic banded buttercream cake laced in pearls. The Wedding Cake is 100% custom made based on your vision and requests. Choose as many or as little decorative pieces to add to your cake:
- Three Fresh Flowers, +$15
- Six Fresh Flowers, +$30
- Two Macarons, +$10
- Six Macarons, +$30
- Green Floral Leaves, +$6
- Edible Gold Leaf Scattered, 1 sheet, +$20
- Six Chocolate Covered Strawberries, +$14
- Twelve Chocolate Covered Strawberries, +$28
- Mr. & Mrs. Cake Topper, +$15
- Wood Initial Heart, +$7

Choose from 7 Cake Flavors:
- Chocolate
- Vanilla
- Red Velvet
- Carrot Cake
- Cinnamon
- Lemon Poppy Seed
- Banana Chip

Choose from 7 Filling Flavors:
- Frosting
- Chocolate Ganache
- Fresh Berries
- Cannoli Chip
- Cookie Dough
- White Chocolate Ganache
- Custom* (upon discussion)

Choose from 2 Icing Flavors:
- Vanilla
- Cream Cheese

Additional Information

Ingredients Our products may contain or come in contact with wheat, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts & milk.
Can customer add writing to the cake? Yes

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Distance Range (Miles) Willing to travel or deliver Flat Fee ($)
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yes $20.00
yes $30.00
yes $40.00
no $0.00
no $0.00
no $0.00
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Pricing for Extra Options

Three Fresh FlowersThree Fresh Flowers$16
Six Fresh FlowersSix Fresh Flowers$30
Two MacaronsTwo Macarons$10
Six MacaronsSix Macarons$30
Green Floral LeavesGreen Floral Leaves$8
Edible Gold Leaf Scattered, 1 SheetEdible Gold Leaf Scattered $21
Chocolate Covered Strawberries, 6 pcChocolate Covered Strawberries, 6 pc$14
Chocolate Covered Strawberries, 12 pcChocolate Covered Strawberries, 12 pc$28
Mr. & Mrs. Cake TopperMr & Mrs Cake Topper$15
Wood Initial HeartWood Initial Heart$7